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Raising the bar in medical care

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ITU World Series, Leeds

June 8 - 9th, 2019

SportsMedics has been asked to provide medical care for the fourth time for this Elite and Mass Participation Triathlon in Leeds and the surrounding area.

Countryfile Rambles for Children in


SportsMedics are proud to say that we will be supporting this amazing charity in 2019 by covering 4 rambles around the UK on the weekend of the 5th of October.

London Triathlon and Blenheim Triathlon


We are very excited to say we will be delivering medical care at these 2 fantastic large mass participation triathlons in 2019

Netball World Cup

July 2019 2019

We are delighted to announce we have been contracted to provide medical care for the elite athletes at this major sporting event for the UK

Wiggle Manchester Half Marathon

October 2019

We are pleased to announce we are now providing (and planning) the medical services for the Wiggle Manchester Half Marathon 2019

The Philosophy


SportsMedics Ltd was formed in 2014 as a response to the increasingly recognised need for tailored high-level medical treatment at sporting/mass participation events. Event organisers are realising that a greater standard of care is necessary for their participants in order to relieve needless pressure on hospitals and to enhance the experience of those taking part. SportsMedics has been specificially designed to meet these demands by providing experienced doctors and nurses with an ethos derived from the growing medical speciality of Sports and Exercise Medicine.


 Event Types​:
  • OCR
  • Triathlon
  • Running/athletics
  • Open water swimming
  • Cycle events
  • Medical director
  • Event planning
  • Site visits
  • Obstacle design advice
  • Post event medical report
  • Medical data analysis
  • Sporting event medical cover

What We Offer


We specialise in providing you with an experienced medical director to oversee the planning and execution of outstanding medical care at your event. We can also supplement this with teams of doctors and nurses, depending on your needs, to provide some of the high-quality of care that SportsMedics is becoming renowned for in the event world.

In 2020 SportsMedics will be undergoing the exciting development of adding in first aiders to our provision. Our first aiders will all have FREC 3 as a minimum training standard, and will be given additional training in sports and exercise medicine injuries and illnesses.


All of our doctors are either specialists in Sports Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics or Orthopaedics or have significant experience providing medical services at events. Likewise, our nurses all specialise in Emergency Medicine or have vast levels of experience working in the pre-hospital setting.


Our medical director is a Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant who has been involved in a variety of elite and amateur sport, up to and including international level events such as London 2012 Olympics and Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014. This has included overseeing medical services for both team and individual sport, as well as larger-scale mass partipation events.


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